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Faydra Getner

Faydra’s passion for climbing started 5 yrs ago. She truly enjoys sharing her passion for climbing with those that want to learn more about climbing. She love the expression “Life begins when you step outside of their comfort zone.” Over the past  4 yrs, she has worked part-time at Earth Treks in Timonium, MD, mostly with 6-9 year olds helping them to develop confidence in their climbing abilities.

She says her “big girl job” is less exciting, but just as rewarding.  She has been a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for the past 17 yrs and gets to help save lives through preventative medicine.

Places Faydra has climbed: Oahu, Hawaii; Sugarloaf Mtn, MD; Rocks State Park, MD; Great Falls, Carderock; Safe Harbor, Pa; Birdsboro, PA