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Michael Sharp

Wilderness Guide, Climbing Assistance, Wilderness EMT, EMT-B, First Aid, CPR, AED, BLS, Firefighter I, AMGA CWI with Lead Climbing, ACA Canoe I, AHA BLS Instructor, SCUBA I, Teacher

Born in New Jersey, Mike’s greatest passions are exploring, educating, and helping others to experience the outdoors. He developed these passions early in life exploring forests and streams around New Jersey; since then, he has honed his skills camping, climbing, diving, and hiking all over the U.S. An avid rock and ice climber, his climbing has taken him as local as Ralph Stover in Pennsylvania, and as far as Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska. He loves to camp, and has spent over a year of his life in a tent.

Since graduating with a degree in ecology and natural resource management from Rutgers University, Mike has spent summers leading month long backcountry crews of adults and high school students in various national parks; teaching conservation, botany, entomology, and invasive species identification, along with backcountry camping, hiking and medicine skills. He has spent time volunteering with various Search and Rescue teams in both New Jersey and Alaska.

When not spending time outdoors, Mike is a high school teacher here in Philadelphia, and also works as both an active EMT, and an EMT instructor in New Jersey.