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Bobby Steinberg

Wilderness Guide, Climbing Assistant, Wilderness First Aid, High School Teacher

Hiking and exploring the hills of Valley Green in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park ignited Bobby’s love for the outdoors and outdoor recreation.

In college, Bobby formed a deep passion for backpacking and camping.  He enjoys spending time planning and researching his next great adventure.  From taking his kids on a day hike, to planning multi-day 30 mile backpacking expeditions, he is always searching for that next trail.

Creatively planning food rations for backpacking trips is a specialty of Bobby’s.  His homemade beef jerky is absolutely to die for! Constantly trying new culinary experiences for even the most delicate of palates, the quality of the food lifts the  spirits of the weary hiker on even the most miserable days on the trail.  If you go camping with Bobby, you will surely remember the food as one of the most memorable aspects of the trip.