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“Leadership has to do with how people are. You don’t teach people a different way of being, you create conditions so they can discover where their natural leadership comes from.”

Peter Senge

Your Portal to Outdoor Recreation

Welcome to Valley to Summit, your portal to outdoor recreation and wilderness adventure trips.

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN WILDERNESS with Valley to Summit’s guided wilderness adventures. From hiking and showshoewing to backpacking and whitewater rafting, from rock climbing and rappelling to multi-adventure outings and custom trips, from one day to week-long wilderness adventures, VTS is here to help fulfill your dreams of having a totally wild wilderness experience.

IMG_6580VTS promotes a healthy life style, one that is balanced between work and outdoor recreation. VTS offers courses and custom trips to a wide range of people—from high school and college students to young professionals, corporate executives, the retired and everyone in between.

Take a detour with VTS and leave the daily stressors at home; instead, come trek in a pristine valley, hike up onto a summit, have lunch on the banks of a crystal clear mountain stream, enjoy ridge hikes and alpine ecosystems, camp out under the stars, ride wild whitewater rapids and make new friendships.

VTS outdoor adventures immerse participants in and expose them to wilderness variables that encourage and necessitate direct interaction with nature. The wilderness environments VTS adventures live in and travel through, as well as the activities they undertake, are remote, dynamic, challenging and committing. VTS embraces the totality of nature — the storms and soft breezes, the tangled brush and the alpine flowers, the biting insects and the singing birds, the roaring stream and the silence of solitude.

Wilderness offers certain hardships, soDSC_1121me sought after and others unavoidable, but the physical and spiritual rewards are glorious. The VTS community would be honored for you to join one of VTS’s guided wilderness adventures. You will likely re-enter the daily grind rejuvenated, with more purpose and with a sense of accomplishment. And the next time you find yourself in a rut, grinding away, please remember to IMMERSE YOURSELF IN WILDERNESS with VTS.

Journey Onward!