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  • Valley to Summit is a great guided wilderness adventure company. This is our 2nd trip with Valley to Summit and we had a blast. It was a challenging day with the temperature at 0 degrees when we arrived. But David made sure everyone was properly clothed for the trek and continually checked in to make sure folks were regulating their temperatures all right. I continue to be impressed with the attention to safety coupled with their obvious enthusiasm about giving folks an amazing outdoor experience. It’s folks like these that have the power to inspire the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and nature advocates. I really applaud the work they are doing and will definitely be booking some rock climbing trips once it starts to warm up! The Frozen Waterfall Hike was a truly unique and inspiring adventure. It was a Valentine’s Day I will not soon forget. – Jessica W.
  • Fabulous trip! Our guides were knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. I learned a lot and I look forward to taking more Valley to Summit trips in the future. Rock climbing here I come! – Maggie S.
  • Thanks for the experience . . . I will definitely be revisiting Ricketts Glen State Park. This is the second adventure I have had with your company. You do a superb job of giving us city slickers the outdoor experiences we crave. Thanks. – Jane T.
  • Thank you for a great time! It was my first event with Valley to Summit and I really enjoyed it. The hike was well organized, the guides were highly competant and the mid-hike hot chocolate was a real treat! I look forward to signing up for more events. – Andrea S.
  • I had a blast! You made it fun and safe! Thank you for a great time and your expertise! See you on the next adventure! – Stephanie P.
  • A beautiful hike. Attention to detail and safety were continually evaluated by guides. Always felt safe, effective safety equipment. David was enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful to all participants in the group. David even photographed the group throughout the trip. Well worth the time and cost. A fabulous day! – Cyndi D.
  • David and Deborah were fabulous guides! The experience was extraordinary; the beauty of the frozen waterfalls was out of this world. – Curt W.
  • The Valley to Summit team was amazing. Their attention to detail and ability to make everyone comfortable from the moment we arrived for our Frozen Waterfall adventure was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Valley to Summit to anyone looking for a fun adventure! – Kristine P.


  • “I had a great experience snowshoeing with David from Valley to Summit. He was knowledgeable about the gear we used, the trail we took and the park were in. Very fun – I will definitely recommend this to my friends!”
  • “We had so much fun! David was great and sure to check that all participants were ok with gear and throughout the hike. It was a great experience & I can’t wait to go again!”
  • “The scenery was beautiful, and the walk challenging. The guides were knowledgable and really cared that the group was having a good time and safe. It’s nice to see a group of strangers bond and encourage each other. As tired as we were, we are already looking forward to the next outing.”


  • “David was fantastic. I felt like we were trekking with a very experienced friend on the trail. He was eager to teach us and we really like that. At the same time, he let us lead the group too!! We will definitely be signing up for another Valley to Summit adventure!”


  • “I was so impressed with the way this company ran it’s business. It seemed as if all of the guides wanted to be a part of Valley to Summit because of their passion for climbing and introducing the sport to others, rather than it just being a job. I really appreciate all of the guides’ hard work to satisfy their customers. I have already recommended VTS to many people! Keep up the great work!” – Samantha G.
  • “First time rock climbing and the trip was amazing. Guides are so helpful and full of information. I would suggest this trip for anyone looking to challenge themselves with a new adventure!” – Thomas L.
  • “We were very happy with our experience. We are anxiously awaiting more climbing trips to take! The guides were patient hands on and encouraging. They really let us explore our limits.” – Julie L.
  • “Much kudos go out to Eric and Ryan! You guys rocked!…really.. we couldn’t have had better instructors! Extremely professional, courteous, friendly, fun, kind, super knowledgable, and most definitely motivating! Rock climbing has been something I have always wanted to do.. they both made my first time out A-mazing! Thank you guys so so much! …and thank you David for setting up this awesome adventure! Now I want more!!!!” – Angela H
  • “This was my second Intro to Rock Climbing trip with Valley to Summit. I had such a great time during the first trip I couldn’t wait to do it again. I wasn’t disappointed. VTS provides all the gear you need to spend the day on the rock. They provide great instruction and make sure you feel absolutely safe during the outing. Of course safety is everyones main goal, but they understand we are grown adults and treat us as such. Once the initial instructions and gear checks are complete, they give you the coaching you want. Whether you have a ton of questions and want their constant advice or just want to learn and test the rock in your own way, they provide what you want and need. I couldn’t have asked for a better group, or guides for either of my trips. This certainly won’t be my last experience, I can’t wait to do it again, and I’m going to be on the lookout for all of VTS’s outdoor adventures I can squeeze in this year. If you are considering this trip, do yourself a favor and do it!!” – Jason C.
  • “I greatly enjoyed the Intro to Rock Climbing class I attended. The staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and yet encouraged independence and hands-on application. They did a wonderful job supporting all class participants in their climbs without being pushy All in all, it was an amazing experience! Thanks so much to you and your staff!” – Mary E.
  • “We had such a great experience! It was so much fun and we had complete confidence in both of our guides. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and put everyone at ease. I would definitely plan my next adventure with Valley to Summit!”
  • “Very helpful, friendly and experienced guides. Plenty of time to do all of the climbs. This was my second time going with this group and I had a great time again!” – Daniel R.
  • “Really enjoyed all the instructors and their encouragement for my first time trying rock climbing! I’ll definitely be signing up for another location :) much thanks to you all!” – Lauren D.
  •  “I really enjoyed the Intro to Rock Climbing course. David was not only extremely knowledgable, but also fun, engaging and encouraging.” – Jill H.
  • “Well organized, very professional and helpful instructors…” Olga S.
  • “We had a great time with our group and got to climb 4 different long climbs with the help of our guide, Tom. Thanks Valley to Summit!”
  • “These guys were the best ever! Awesome experience for all 40 of us! Highly recommend David and his crew!”


  •  “The guides were very professional and were very nice. Safety is most important and it seems they had everything covered and made me comfortable. I had my 15 year old daughter with me and she was comfortable and had lots of fun. The experience was supposed to be from 9 to 1…we got started a little late, but we also finished a little later than 1. They were setting up the lines and safety ropes before they met with the group. This was good since they didn’t rush to get started by 9 nor did they rush to be finish by 1. They made sure everybody got to enjoy the experience. I would definitely do an adventure with them again.” – Bob A.
  • “I thought everything went very well. Our guides set up the safety ropes prior to our arrival. Everyone was nice and easy to get along with. The guides first priority was safety and help everyone on each of the rappels. We learned the necessary knots and had a lot of fun.” – Mark B.
  • We had a Beautiful day for our 1st time rappelling. Owner Dave & his guide Amy ,for this tour, who sets up the site’s equipment, made us feel Very Safe & comfortable. A Great Experience that I would Definitely do again with them. Couldn’t have had a better day.” – Brian B.
  • “When I read the reviews prior to our adventure I saw many people saying great experience, so much fun, and fantastic. Phenomenal is what went through my mind when we were done. David and Garret took their time and explained how the rappelling process would work. Both guides were Intune to us individually and gave attention where attention was needed but not overbearing. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Loved the experience!” – Theresa S.
  • “Amazing adventure. Guides were magnificent!!! I loved it and would like to do it again.” – Denise C.
  • “Wonderful instructors, fun group of climbers and an overall blast!! Very exhilarating experience!” – Carolyn O.
  • “I brought my three kids 17, 13 and 10. Felt very comfortable and I also felt that they were quite safe in the hands of the guides. Will definitely be back.” – Serrie L.


  • “Amy was an amazing instructor. She made the entire experience a great memory we will never forget! Can’t wait to go again.” – Kim S.
  • “The guides (Max and Ian) were nice and well informed and very effective teachers. I have zero experience rock climbing and it was a very positive and fulfilling first time! Thank you!”
  • “Both instructors with their various levels of rock climbing experience provided enough instruction for newbies as well as climbers with some experience. They were both very easy going and did not rush or pressure climbers. It was a great experience and I highly recommend Valley to Summit.” – Tracey D.
  • “David & Tom were very caring and supportive facilitators. Their knowledge and expertise creates a safe and secure feeling. Their encouragement was the difference between following through with the actual activity or not. Some of us are seek the challenge due to overcoming fears… fear of height, fear of jumping, fear of life or whatever it is. Their supportive words made all the difference. Whether they are aware of this or not, they are doing more then teaching people rock climbing and rappelling, they are helping people to overcome fear that can be directly applied to living their life more fully.”
  • “The guides were well qualified, able to interact with participants effectively, and made the day fun.”
  • “I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and passion the tour leaders had and their willingness to teach whatever it was the group wanted to learn. I was really happy that we were trusted to climb and belay on our own. Overall it was a great day and I got to learn a lot and ask questions as well as go out on my own and use the skills I had learned.”
  • “I had a great time with Amy and David!! I felt prepared for the adventure, I felt safe and secure the entire time, and even when I felt stuck while climbing I was given support and guidance on how to maneuver myself so I could reach the top. I would definitely do it again!!!”
  • “I had a blast on this trip. Dave and Amy were great instructors, and made me feel safe and comfortable. I completely trusted them, had a great climbing experience, and cant wait to go on another trip!”
  • “This intro to rock climbing was perfect! It has really gotten me interested in climbing as a hobby. I am now looking into trying indoor rock climbing and more/other outdoor adventures with this Valley to Summit group :) Instructors were both very pleasant and helpful. What a great job they have!!”
  • “David and Amy were very knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging and talented.”
  • “David and Amy were wonderful guides. Had such a blast with the group. Loved how we were able to learn and help each other make the most of our day. Can’t wait for our next adventure!”
  • “I was surprised by how much hands on experience I got from this trip! Finding the location was simple but the directions for meeting up were vague. However, the vast amount of time spent climbing and total exuberance from the overall experience made the 8 hour day (with driving) and price made it worth while.”
  • “Far exceeded my expectations. The instructors were very friendly, supportive, and informative. I look forward to attending more outings in the future.”
  • “The guides David & Max were very professional and kept the experience fun. The rock climbs were perfect for transitioning from Rock Gym to Outdoor climbing. I had no idea there was something like this so close to home. My fiance’ and I will be planning another trip with friends in the near future.”
  • “We enjoyed our first outdoor rock climbing experience. It was challenging, fun and a fabulous day outdoors.”
  • “David, Max and Ryan were awesome with my girls, I really appreciate it, Thank you.”
  • “Because it was awesome! The instructors were pleasant, friendly, patient and enthusiastic. The location was amazing and everything about the day rocked. Pun intended.”
  • “Our family had a fun time. Kids enjoyed it and were able to climb multiple routes and rappel.”
  • “Well coordinated, well led, well conducted. Great event for beginners and more advanced. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Will attend more events because of this.”
  • “I really enjoyed the trip. The guides Matt and Ian where great. They taught us what we needed to know, but did not micro manage us. They where always there over seeing us and giving advise when needed. You can tell they love their work.”


  • “From the moment we arrived, the guides were so friendly and had a great sense of humor! Everyone made us feel safe and comfortable. Although my friends and I fell off the raft, there were guides everywhere to help us! Overall great trip, and awesome staff! Will return again!!!!” – Ronny B
  • “Absolutely loved every moment of my experience! The guides were knowledgeable, safe, and incredibly fun and informative, and the experience itself was breathtaking. Definitely want to work with you guys again!” – Ashley S.
  • “Ryan was a great guide! He ensured all of us had an adventure we won’t soon forget! David was fantastic with communicating our reservation and everything that was expected of us. Can’t wait to book another trip with Valley to Summit!” – Dana Pearson
  • “The trip was very well organized and David was an awesome guide and went out of his way to make sure all of us were having a good time. I would highly recommend him.” – Toni L.
  • “The guides are awesome! They get you completely prepared for what the day will be like in addition to being sociable and friendly. They were great in navigating down the river at tricking points or if your group just wasn’t clicking. The team was awesome, the equipment was great and everyone had an amazing time. This is my 3rd time using VTS for our annual summer whitewater rafting trip with the siblings and we plan on using VTS for more Fall and Winter excursions.” – Andre H.
  • “Tons of fun, great guides and very well organized. Special thanks to Carlos for being a great captain of our understaffed ship. Next time I will bring a posse.” – Rachel H.
  • “What a great day! The water was fast and Bobby was great as a guide! Couldn’t have asked for better river conditions – lots of rain the week before and a dam release meant great rapids, a fast run and a fun & exhausting day. Everything was well organized and on time. My only regret is that we were too tired and hungry to take advantage of the zip line and paintball. Worth every penny – thanks David and Bobby!” – Amy D.
  • The trip was amazing and a lot of fun. Dave made it even better by getting us wet with his various antics. Next trip is the Lower Lehigh with Valley to Summit!!!” – Dlane B.
  • “Everybody was friendly and helpful. Everything was good as far as equipment. On the river the guides were all on the ball and very helpful. We all had a great time on our white water rafting adventure.” – James P.
  • “Staff is great and so co-operative. They always keep eye on each and every rider. Also compare to others, less crowd so you can enjoy ride.” – Urvish P.
  •  “This was our first river adventure and on the way home we both said we were sorry we did not do it sooner! We would highly recommend Valley to Summit as it was a great experience.” – Judy L.
  •  “Everyone was very attentive and accommodating. From the moment you registered ’till the moment you turn in your vest, it was very organized. The entire team was there to make it fun but safe. The bus ride was great, the sense of humor Made it very relaxing for those of us who were water rafting for the first time. Definitely a fun, worthwhile experience. Thank you all.” – Francy C.
  • “The Lower Lehigh Dam Release package was a blast! The guides were all fantastic and made our outing fun and safe.” – Wendy M.
  • “This was a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday! Valley to Summit had everything running like clockwork and it was an amazing experience from start to finish.” – Graciela C.
  • “My family and I had a great time on the dam release run this past August. We noticed several tour groups on the river run while on our trip. We also noticed people stuck on rocks, stranded on the shore line, with no tour operators in site. Whitewater rafting group had a good mix of tour guides and support staff to keep the group together, out of harms way and have loads of fun between boats. David our guide was loads of fun and made the trip that much better. Prepare yourself for a long day, but you will have loads of fun.” – Madison P.
  • “Dave and Ryan were great! Ryan was our guide for the day and he did an awesome job with our crew of 4. I would recommend these two guys taking you anywhere you want to raft.” – Ryan E.
  • “This trip was a great introduction to rafting for my boyfriend and I and we plan to use this company again. Everyone was so nice and kept us entertained even when things were moving a bit slow.”


  • “The guide was very knowledgeable and accommodating.”
  • “We were being guided at a great pace, no one felt rushed to keep up with one another and we all had enough space throughout the trip to have our own personal experiences in the group setting. It was also a fantastic learning experience with basic tips on how to get clean water, stay dry in the rain, and cool in the woods. Overall, I thought it was a very balanced trip and I really enjoyed my guide’s passion for nature and his job.”


  • “For something as daunting as stepping off a cliff, the guide, Dave Mildenberg, put everyone at ease. Dave carefully and fully explained everything, from the harnesses and helmets, to the anchors, to the ropes, to the safety measures, and most importantly to actually rappelling. Dave’s pleasant demeanor and easy-going attitude also contributed to everyone (OK, at least me!) feeling at ease. While I was expecting a short demo/practice on a short wall to actually practice rappelling, it really is a simple process and I’m glad we didn’t waste time doing that – we went right for the 100′ cliff! AWESOME!!! This was my first time rappelling and all I can say is it was an experience I will not soon forget. I’m already looking forward to the next time. The park (High Rocks) was easy to get to (using Google Maps…Navigation) and had beautiful views from our rappelling point. And don’t forget…the only way back up is hiking back up. Go. You will NOT be disappointed!” – Robert Jones
  • “I had a great time. It’s been a few years since I repelled, and I was a bit nervous. David provided loads of information that was helpful. I felt safe, and I had enough information to help myself in case of an emergency. I will definitely do another Valley-to-Summit event, and bring friends with me.” – Dawn P.
  • “David was knowledgeable as well as entertaining. He kept the pace of the group without ever feeling like it was commanding. The spot was perfect.” – Michael M.
  • “Great guides, this was our second experience with valley to summit and they haven’t disappointed. I’m in the process of playing our third family adventure with them on the Leigh high. “Well organized, and I felt VERY safe repelling 125′ down a shear cliff. Met new people and had TONS of fun! Can’t wait for my next adventure with VTS!” – Alejandro T.
  • “It was great, Ian and Drew where fantastic in their instruction. Definitely will be booking another adventure with the company!”
  • “Ian and drew were great.”
  • “It all went well and the guides where great”
  • “The guides were prompt and very nice. Everything was set up prior to our arrival. All-in-all, it was a really fun day and we would recommend using Valley to summit.”


  • “My experience climbing the high rocks with David and Mike was fantastic. Climbing with such seasoned and safety-conscious climbers left me free to completely relax and enjoy the views, perfect weather, and challenging (for me at least) climbs. Valley to Summit is very clearly a smoothly run operation, headed by professionals who are passionate about sharing the fun of adventure with as many people as they can. I look forward to doing a whole lot more with Valley to Summit.” –  Cecelia T.
  • “I’ve been on a couple trips now and the guides are always professional, friendly and willing to share their knowledge and experiences, this trip was no exception. Maybe I just keep getting lucky and happened to be on the trips with a great group of people that signed up, I’m still going to say the atmosphere on the guides create absolutely helps the positive attitude of the entire group. They didn’t just work with different levels of ability(or fears), they did it in a way that was encouraging and made you feel comfortable trying the climbs at your own pace.” – Billie B.
  • “We had a great time with Max, David and Deborah as our guides. The area was amazing for climbing. Everything was great for the varying ages in our group. I have told so many people about the trip in the past few days and have directed them to the website. Already looking to see about when we can do another trip! I would love if you guys added some type of camp for kids!” – Carla C.
  • “I chose Valley to Summit to set up a group rock climbing trip for my yearly lab retreat. Everybody told me it was the best retreat yet! Guides were great, climbing was great, weather was great, I couldn’t ask for a much better day.”
  • “David was an awesome guide! This was probably one of the greatest adventures I’ve had!” – Jennifer S.
  • “It was a great experience I met some nice people in the class . The guide was very helpful and knowledgeably. He was also very encouraging when i was climbing . I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to get into outdoor rock climbing . Lastly big shout out to David and Margo for making it a great trip.” –  Kenneth F.
  • “The Intro to Rock Climbing course was so much fun! David was an incredible guide, very patient and motivating. The group was small which allowed us to each have multiple opportunities to climb and feel more comfortable belaying and climbing. I will definitely be going on one of these outings again soon.” – Michelle F.
  • “Professional, kind and patient, couldn’t have had a better experience. Thanks!!” – Rebecca S.


  • “I learned more than I thought possible, I’ve been dying to do some real top rope climbs since I was a kid. Finally got the chance. Still sad the trip is done and am anxiously checking the website for the next one. Nice to find a sport where it feels like I belong.” – Corey H.
  • “Our guides, Eric and Garrett, were the best! They led our group of novice climbers with patience, good humor, and-above all- careful concern for our safety. The experience was particularly rewarding because they struck a perfect balance between talking us through each foothold when we needed it, and letting us discover our own way when we didn’t. A truly rewarding day, thanks to a beautiful setting and these two lovely guys.” – Erin M.
  • “The guides were very knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help. They recognized that many, if not all of the participants, were beginners and easily accommodated our skill levels and abilities.” – Alexa M.
  •  “We had a great day with the VTS Guides learning more about outdoor climbing! thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend to beginners or intermediate climbers Thanks!!” – Kathryn B.
  • “This was my second outing with Valley to Summit. All the guides are super knowledgeable, laid back, and friendly. They are really great at meeting you at the skill level you’re at.” – Jami B.
  • “Max and David were so great. They were both so knowledgable and supportive it really made the difference for a first time climber. I would definitely recommend valley to summit and do another trip with them as well.” – Elizabeth W.
  • “This adventure exceeded my expectations. Our guides, David and Max, were super friendly and awesome to have with us. I will likely do something like this again.” Journey Onward! – Cesar
  • “They had 3 friendly, helpful guides belaying so there were no long wait times to climb….which makes all the difference! They set us up with a great mix of climbs and acted like the professionals they are….yay VTS!”
  • “The guides were personable and knowledgeable.”


  • “Eric was a great guide. He has patience, skill and confidence – all of which one looks for in a guide. He went above and beyond to help me and guide me through every single move without being redundant. I hope to go on many more climbs with him. Very educational trip, great emphasis on safety, learning anchors and cleaning along with some fun climbs at the end with double belay safety. You guys are a great outfitter.” – Anitha M.
  • “Garrett was an awesome guide! He gave great detail and personal insight in all of his instruction. He also answered all my questions very thoroughly. I’m looking forward to sport climbing on my own soon. Hope to see Garrett at the crag/guiding any future classes I take. David- thanks again for letting us use your equipment.” – Brendan R.
  • “Garrett was very knowledgeable and helpful. He showed us everything we needed to know in order to do outdoor climbing and lead climbing. He ensured that we were doing everything properly and in a safe manner.” – Dave R.
  • “This class met and exceeded all of my expectations regarding learning to lead climb and belay safely. I learned everything I wanted to and more.” – Alexander C.
  • “Excellent instruction. Eric gave us a ton of information and got us leading up on the rock.” – Andrew K.
  • “Guide is not only a pro but had limitless patience. Always wish we could be there longer and get in more climb-time.” – Michele C.


  • “Great Everything! The staff, clear directions, no surprises, NOT ONE COMPLAINT. Wish I could make the time to climb with VTS every weekend!” – Ryan S.
  • “Dave and Tom were fun, very knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about sharing their experience. It was a great time I felt safe and comfortable the entire time. I will return and use VTS solely because of your awesome guides!” William D.