Valley To Summit
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“VTS provided a customized, full service, educational outdoor experience. Our group arrived to pitched tents, a campfire, and dinner.

I highly recommend VTS to groups, families, newer campers, and anyone else who wants their excursion to be focused on quality time outdoors.”

Dave, Abington, PA

Why Choose Valley To Summit

Dedicated Executive Director: David Mildenberg is passionate about the outdoors and is dedicated to delivering a superb outdoor experience for each and every participant. A full hands-on approach, you will catch David answering calls, guiding trips, briefing staff and participants and conquering administrative tasks.

Dedicated Guides: A deep passion and commitment to the outdoors drives VTS guides to deliver top quality educational and recreational wilderness based experiences.  Experienced wilderness guides eager to exceed individual and group expectations and to provide an unforgettable outdoor adventure experience. All guides undergo interviews and some guides are employees, others independent contractors and still others who are volunteers. Depending on their role and the nature of the trip, guides are usually required to have, as a minimum, current, up-to-date Wilderness First Aid/CPR or Wilderness First Responder/CPR certifications or other qualifying professional medial certifications. Some guides will also be Leave No Trace Trainers or Master Educators and may have other medical and industry related certifications, such as rock climbing certifications through the American Mountain Guides Association.

Dedicated Office Staff: The central nerve system of VTS, the office staff is a critical component to having a successful trip. The office staff is available to answer questions concerning the admissions process, trip availabilities, pre-trip planning, expectations, etc. The office staff works hard behind the scene to deliver the whole VTS package.


Diverse Participant Pool: Adventurous spirits, from the corporate executive to the recent college grad, from those experienced in varying outdoor adventures to the novices, male and female, VTS believes that group diversity is an important element for having a successful, memorable and fun trip.

Small Group Adventures: Group size matters. Small groups provide for a more intimate environment for everyone to more fully immerse themselves in the moment. Small groups: 1) enhance the learning environment; 2) increase guide to participant interaction/guidance; 3) help make group dynamics manageable; 4) are environmentally friendlier; and, 5) offer the opportunity for participants to form lasting friendships.

Environmental Stewardship: VTS’s approach to outdoor recreation is centered on a strong sense of responsibility to the land and environment we visit. VTS’s low-impact, leave no trace approach is a hallmark of VTS trips and part of VTS’s mission for participants to explore and develop an outdoor ethic through interaction with nature. Be responsible visitors to the great outdoors; conserve and preserve for future generations!

Risk Management Awareness: Risk management is a high priority of VTS. One of VTS’s goals is for all participants to have fun without injury to persons or property. VTS is committed to promoting the physical and emotional well-being of all participants; however, VTS embraces risk as a critical element in all outdoor adventure pursuits.