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Climbing Merit Badge for Boy Scouts & Venturing

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Climbing and rappelling on real rock cliffs in Pennsylvania’s beautiful State Parks and Forests is a fun and exciting way to challenge Scouts and allow them the opportunity to advance themselves in Scouting.

Our professional guides who instruct the Climbing Merit Badge course are BSA Level 2 Climbing Directors and they can instruct the course nationally for any Troop and any Camp. You can learn more about the guides’ additional BSA Credentials below.


To book a Climbing Merit Badge course for your Scouts, please contact the office at or 215-543-6171. We will likely be able to accommodate the date(s) that work for your Scout group.

1-Day Course: 6 hrs | $75 per Scout

2-Day Course: 12 hrs | $130 per Scout (consecutive days not required)



Course Length Options:

★ 1-Day Course: 6 hrs

For Scouts to earn the Climbing Merit Badge on the 1-day course, they should complete prior to the course the following requirements set forth in the Climbing Merit Badge Workbook: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7. Click HERE for a copy of the Climbing Merit Badge Workbook.

The 1-day course briefly reviews requirements 1-7 of the Climbing Merit Badge Workbook, but the majority of the day focuses on getting the Scouts into the vertical world and completing requirements 8-12: Harnesses, Belaying, Climbing, Rappelling & Storage of Climbing Equipment.

★ 2-Day Course: 12 hrs (consecutive days not required)

The 2-day Climbing Merit Badge course immerses Scouts into the world rock climbing. On this course, your instructors cover all of the requirements in the Climbing Merit Badge Workbook.

On the first day, Scouts will participate in a ground school to learn the basic skills necessary to participate in climbing. This training allows Scouts to gain a basic understanding on the systems involved before actually climbing. To keep eyes on the prize, Scouts will also leave the ground and get to climb some routes and will also begin to learn belaying principles and techniques.

The second day of the course focuses on providing Scouts the opportunity to complete their climbs, rappels and belays for the Climbing Merit Badge. Rope care, verbal commands and all aspects of maintaining a safe climbing experience are reinforced throughout the day. Classes of climbing and rating systems are also discussed.

Course Location(s):

The following outdoor climbing locations are perfect for conducting a Climbing Merit Badge course:

Ralph Stover  Birdsboro  Chickies Rock  White Rock Acres  Pole Steeple  Shaffer Rock

Click HERE for a map of the geographic location and description of each outdoor climbing area.

All Climbing Gear Provided:

Helmet  Harness  Shoes  Rope  Belay Devices



First Aid Merit Badge

Read Climbing Merit Badge Handbook

Come properly dressed

Bring snacks, lunch & at least 2 litters of water

Bring Blue Card

Completed Valley to Summit, LLC Waiver & Health Form


  • Leave No Trace Principles & Outdoor Code
  • First Aid
  • Hazards & Risk Management
  • Site Evaluation
  • Location Classifications
  • Types of Climbing
  • Emergency Communication
  • Proper Storage of Climbing Equipment
  • Verbal Signals
  • Rope Types, Coiling Method, Inspection & Maintenance
  • Knots
  • Fitting a Harness & Harness Inspection
  • Belaying
  • Climbing
  • Rappelling


Chadd Sechler:

  • BSA Program Manager for the Susquehanna Council
  • BSA Regional Training Program Evaluator (TPE)
  • BSA C.O.P.E. (Challenge Courses) / Climbing Program Manager
  • BSA Climbing Director – Level 2
  • BSA C.O.P.E. Director – Level 2
  • BSA Climbing Instructor at the BSA ‘s National Camping Schools for the Climbing Director Section
  • BSA Climbing Staff Member for Boy Scout National Jamborees and World Jamboree
  • Instructor for the BSA ‘s Climbing Director Section
  • Full Bio Here


Damon Sechler:

  • Eagle Scout
  • Inducted as a Vigil Honor Member of the Order of the Arrow
  • BSA Climbing Instructor
  • BSA C.O.P.E. Instructor
  • BSA Climbing Director – Level 2 for the Susquehanna Council
  • BSA C.O.P.E. Director – Level 2 for the Susquehanna Council
  • BSA Volunteer Leader
  • BSA Summer Camp Staff
  • Full Bio Here