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Climbing Wall Management & Operational Training 101



- Top-Rope Basic Skills -

Learn how to teach the use and management of a complete artificial wall top-rope belay system.

Clinic Topics Include:

  • Equipment setup and use
  • Proper belay technique
  • Belayer/climber verbal commands
  • Use of floor anchors
  • Proper rope management and care

Top-Rope Belay Instruction -

Learn how to teach basic climber safety skills to a small group of novice climbers including an overview of the top rope belay system used in the facility.

Clinic Topics Include:

  • Using the three person belay system
  • Proper use of the facility rental harness, belay device, and floor anchors
  • Ascertain whether climbers have learned basic safety skills

Top-Rope Belay Checks -

Learn how to quickly and accurately assess the ability of any climber to put on a harness, set up a belay device, tie in with a figure eight follow through knot, use belayer/climber verbal commands, employ proper belay technique and confidently ascribe either a pass or fail.

Belay Escapes -

Learn how to quickly and effectively respond to a belay or other equipment malfunction making a belay escape and substitution necessary. You will also learn how to deal with a frozen climber on the wall.

Customer Orientation -

Learn how to screen a customer for skills and ability upon check-in.

Clinic Topics Include:

  • Restricting access to the climbing area
  • Screening customers for ability and skill level
  • Informing customers of the facility’s rules
  • Completing a liability waiver

Climber Supervision -

Learn how to supervise use of the climbing wall in order to minimize risk in the climbing environment.

Clinic Topics Include:

  • Quickly and accurately assess the actions of any climber from a distance
  • Take appropriate action to prevent or correct hazardous situations

Customer Records Setup -

Learn how to set up a record keeping system to track customer information and teach its use to others.

Clinic Topics Include:

  • Assessing the needs, abilities, and resources of the facility
  • Creating or modifying a record keeping system

Autobelay Use & Maintenance -

Learn how to properly use and teach others to use an autobelay device. The student will be able to inspect and evaluate the condition of an autobelay device and recommend maintenance.

Equipment Safety Checks & Maintenance -

Learn how to inspect, evaluate, and log on a regular basis the condition of all safety equipment used in the climbing facility.

Clinic Topics Include:

  • Evaluate the condition of rental equipment
  • Evaluate the condition of padding, ropes, holds, anchors, and wall surface
  • Repair or replace deficient equipment

Route Setting Management -

Learn how to create route setting goals, track the quantity and quality of route setting in the climbing facility, and recruit, select, hire, and manage route setters.