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Climbing Wall Management & Operational Training 201



- Bouldering Operations -

Learn how to offer bouldering in your facility with a proactive risk management system.

Clinic Topics include:

  • Provide orientation to the bouldering area for new users
  • Providing and teaching correct spotting
  • Understand why bouldering results in more injuries than roped climbing
  • Rules and warnings

- Lead Climbing Assessment and Supervision -

Learn how to safely test a climber for lead climbing competency and monitor the activities of lead climbers in your facility.

Clinic Topics include:

  • Compare a climber’s test results against the facility’s standards
  • Recognize common lead climbing and belaying safety skill errors or
    deficiencies in tested climbers
  • Ascribe a result of pass or fail
  • Enforce a failing result

- Lead Climbing Instruction -

Learn how to teach lead climbing and belay safety skills to a small group of climbers and ascertain whether lead climbing and belay safety skills have been learned.

Clinic Topics include:

  • Using the three person and mock lead belay system
  • Understand the lead climbing system used in the facility
  • Safe lead belay methods
  • Safe lead climbing technique

- Movement Training 101 -

Learn how to evaluate basic climbing movement in others and teach foundational movement skills.

Clinic Topics include:

  • The three types of balance and their importance and use in climbing
  • Establishment of a good base of support
  • Body awareness

- Movement Training 201 -

Learn how to evaluate advanced climbing movement in others and teach elevated movement skills.

Clinic Topics include:

  • Turning and flagging
  • Movement initiation and centers
  • Creative use of the feet
  • Dynamic movement

- Group Programs -

Non-instructional groups present challenges not found in regular climbing instruction classes. You will learn to offer non-instructional group programs such as birthday parties in your facility with a proactive risk management program.

Clinic Topics include:

  • Set up before the group arrives
  • Take control of the group
  • Orient the group to the facility
  • Guide the group through a fun, safe, and challenging program

- Competition Planning -

Competitions are an important part of a climbing facility’s services. You will learn how to prepare for various climbing competition formats from concept through competition day.

Clinic Topics include:

  • Contact and arrange sponsors
  • Organize staff and volunteers
  • Effectively market the competition
  • Effectively run the event
  • Prepare the necessary documentation for competition

- Staff Recruitment, Selection & Training -

Climbing wall facility staff provide the direct customer contact for the organization. Selecting the right individuals for specific qualities is crucial to creating the desired atmosphere.

Clinic Topics include:

  • Recruit climbing wall staff
  • Select climbing wall staff
  • Train climbing wall staff
  • Creating and implementing a staff manual