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Lehigh River Dam-Release Whitewater Adventures

Discover a close-to-home adventure that feels a world away on the Lehigh River in the Pocono Mountains!

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Awesome wilderness scenery and exciting, fun-filled rapids combine for a picture-perfect outdoor day.

VTS partnered with a venerable whitewater rafting company to deliver the two best whitewater adventures the Lehigh River in the Poconos has to offer.  The inflatable kayak trips take place on the Upper Lehigh. For the whitewater rafting, choose between the Upper or Lower Lehigh sections. All whitewater adventures are offered only on dam-release days.

On dam-release days, the conditions of the Lehigh River are controlled by the amount of rainfall in the area and by the amount of water released from the Francis E. Walter dam by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The river is inundated with an enormous amount of water, creating optimal conditions for class II-III rapids.


The Lehigh River snakes through the Lehigh Gorge and has a great diversity of plants and animals. You will be a visitor to the great blue herons, mergansers, kingfishers and beavers who are common residents to this river.

You will find yourself zigzagging through pristine scenery as the river flows in a highly winding course through valleys and between ridges of the Appalachian Mountains.


Whether on an inflatable kayak or a raft, you start the day with a wet n’ wild dam-release whitewater trip down the world-famous Lehigh River Gorge in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains – home to one of the most popular whitewater adventure destinations trips in the country! Halfway down the meandering river, you will stop for a river lunch along the banks of the Lehigh. After paddling to the end, a shuttle bus will be waiting to return you to the adventure center where you can take a free warm shower, change into dry cloths and redeem your voucher for 100 pellets at the on-site paintball target range. And don’t forget to use your 50% discount voucher towards an additional food purchase at the snack bar.

Meeting Location: 288 North Stagecoach Rd., Weatherly, PA 18255

Approximate Driving Distance to Rafting Center

Philadelphia, PA: 2 hours
Atlantic City, NJ:  3 hours
Baltimore, MD:  3 hours
Central, NJ:  2-3 hours
Harrisburg, PA:  2 hours
Hartford, CT:  4 hours
Metro New York:  2 hours
Newark, NJ:  2 hours
Washington, DC:  4 hours
Wilmington, DE:  2-1/2 hours