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Intro to Sport Climbing

Sport climbing is the fastest growing type of climbing because it pushes climbers beyond their perceived limit, allows us to discover the possible, and to climb with mitigated risk. This course is designed for climbers who know the basics and are ready to concentrate on new climbing techniques. Through high-intensity movement and problem solving, participants will practice new skills on routes with preplaced bolts and fixed anchors.

20140730_171645Topics Covered:

  • Lead Climbing Strategies
  • Belaying the Leader
  • Confident Clipping
  • Climbing Movement
  • Building and Cleaning Sport Anchors
  • Retreating From a Sport climb
  • Risk Management
  • LNT principles and Climbing Ethics
  • Guide Books and Route Identification

Guide to Participant Ratio: 1:4


September 16

Philadelphia Intro to Sport Climbing – Birdsboro $95