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Outdoor Rock Climbing Program


VTS’s rock climbing program in Pennsylvania offers an experience for everyone – from the first time climber who wants to climb on real rock to the more seasoned climber looking to advance and refine their climbing skills.

At VTS, we offer 3 main categories of rock climbing experiences: Guided Trips, Instructional Courses and the Weekend Rocker Series.

VTS operates the rock climbing program at 6 crags in Pennsylvania spanning the state from the Michaux State Forest in South Central PA to Ralph Stover State Park in Eastern PA near New Hope and the New Jersey border. Each location is unique in scenery, rock type, rock quality, rock height and climbing routes. It is unique to have such diverse rock in such a relatively small geographical region. By climbing at the various crags, you will expose yourself to new challenges and grow your climbing potential.

VTS also offers comprehensive Indoor Climbing Wall Services.


VTS’s guided outdoor rock climbing day trips are truly immersive. VTS’s goal is to facilitate fun, informative, inspirational, memorable and recreational rock climbing experiences.

The Guided Trips program is great for beginner and intermediate climbers. Beginners climb on real rock with lots of instruction on the Intro trips and intermediate climbers focus on climbing efficiency on the Movement & Technique trips. The Guided Trips program also includes epic Rappelling adventures and BSA Climbing Merit Badge trips.


 Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing

 Outdoor Rappelling Adventures

 Technique & Movement (Intermediate)

 BSA Climbing Merit Badge

 Private or Custom Outings


VTS’s instructional courses are geared toward the recreational climber who wants to learn how to become an independent outdoor rock climber. The courses have a set curriculum for you to learn foundational skills so you can setup your own climbs.

The instructional course program is designed as a progression, starting with anchor building (natural & artificial), progressing to lead climbing (sport & trad) and ending with self-rescue. While you do not have to take the courses in progression, there are pre-requisites to ensure you get the most out of your experience.


 Rock Climbing Anchors 101 (2 days)

 Rock Climbing Anchors 201 (2 days)

 Rappel Setups & Techniques

 Intro to Sport Climbing (2 days)

 Top Managed Belay Site Setups

 Intro to Traditional (“Trad”) Climbing (2 days)

 Single Pitch Self Rescue

                                                                       ★ Private or Custom Outings


The Weekend Rocker Series immerses participants in 2-day outdoor rock climbing extravaganzas. Each weekend rocker has a theme that makes it unique. The Weekend Rocker Series is great for beginner and intermediate recreational climbers.

You will learn how to tie climbing knots and how to belay, experiment with anchor building and, depending on the Weekend Rocker, try sport and trad climbing. You will also top rope climb and have the opportunity to rappel, learn how to coil rope and, depending on location, do a Tyrollean traverse! If you are interested in becoming an independent climber, please visit our Instructional Courses.

For lodging, which is not included, there are excellent car camping options for each Weekend Rocker. For the less rugged accommodations, there are also nearby hotel, b&b, air bnb and options.


 Michaux Weekend Rocker

 Birdsboro Weekend Rocker

 Chickies Rock Weekend Rocker

 Ralph Stover Weekend Rocker

 Private or Custom Outings


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 Ralph Stover  White Rock Acres
 Birdsboro  Safe Harbor
 Chickies Rock  Mocanaqua
 Pole Steeple  Seneca Rock
 Shaffer Rock