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Single Pitch Self Rescue

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Single Pitch Self Rescue

Having the knowledge and skills to assist a stuck or injured climber off a climb is important and a hallmark to being a responsible independent outdoor rock climber. The scope of the Single Pitch Self Rescue course is limited to the single pitch environment and focuses on basic assistance and rescue skills. The course is a mix of ground and vertical school and is scenario based with real simulated rescues.


Course Length: 1 Day | 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Course Size: 1:6 guide to client ratio course with a maximum of 6 clients

Pricing: $115

  • 4 climbers required to run the course. However, if there are less than 4 climbers, we can run the course under the below pricing schedule. The advantage is more personal time with the instructor. Since we understand that the increase in cost can be a barrier, refunds and rescheduling options are available for climbers who do not want to take the course with less than 3 climbers.

- 3 climbers – $145/climber

- 2 climbers – $175/climber

- 1 climber – $275

Instructor: Instructed by a certified American Mountain Guides Association Single Pitch Instructor

Topics Covered:

  • Weighed and un-weighted belay take overs and climber pickoffs
  • Counter balance ascents and rappels
  • Ascending a Rope
  • Lowering an injured climber
  • Escaping the Belay
  • Passing the Knot
  • Haul Systems

Special Note: The Intro to Sport Climbing course is not a certification course.

Recommended Experience:

  • Familiarity with the following climbing knots and hitches: Figure 8 follow through, figure 8 on a bight, double fisherman, munter, clove hitch, girth hitch, prussic, auto block, klemheist. Refer to for reference.
  • Prior outdoor rock climbing and rappelling experience
  • VTS Rappelling Setups and Techniques course or similar experience
  • Solid belaying technique
Dates: June 16 @ Birdsboro

Philadelphia Self Rescue Clinic – Chickies Rock