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Technique & Movement – Intermediate

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Movement & Technique (intermediate)
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The Technique and Movement course is designed for the intermediate climber looking to take their climbing to the next level. While strength is a factor in climbing performance, form, technique and finesse in movement are essential elements to progressing as an efficient climber. This course delves into topics such as how to use and trust your feet, how to effectively use hand holds, maintain balance and keep your center of gravity — all while deciding your next moves.

Footwork techniques covered in the course include edging, smearing, foot placements and how to engage your heel. The course also focuses on how to grip hand holds such as slopers, crimps, side pulls, pinches and underclings to decrease forearm pump and to increase efficiency. In addition, the course covers how to use your body to become more efficient. Specific body movements and positions reviewed include flagging, stemming, engaging your core, laybacks, drop knees, back stepping and moving your hips. Finally, one of the most important techniques you will learn is how and when to rest on a route.


Pricing: $95

  • 4 climbers required to run the course. However, if there is less than 4 climbers, we can run the course with the below pricing schedule. The advantage is more personal time with the instructor. Since we understand that the increase in cost can be a barrier, refunds and rescheduling options are available for climbers who do not want to go on the trip with less than 4 climbers.

- 3 climbers – $130/climber

- 2 climbers – $200/climber

- 1 climber – $275

Trip Length: 1 Day | 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Trip Size: 1:6 guide to client ratio with a maximum of 6 clients.

Topics Covered:

  • Body Movement
  • Climbing Techniques
  • Foot Positioning: Smears, Edging
  • Use of Hand Holds: Edges, Slopers, Buckets, Pockets
  • Objective & Subjective Hazards Unique to Outdoor Climbing
  • Climbing Ethics & Leave No Trace Considerations

Date: April 15

Technique & Movement – Intermediate