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"Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

Vince Lombardi

VTS Professional Development


VTS Professional Development Programs are customized half day, full day or multi-day leadership development and team building experiences for professional organizations, business schools and other groups such as sports teams and teachers. The programs are dynamic, experiential in nature and are tailored to meet the specific goals, objectives and needs of your group. Learning by doing is at the core of all VTS programs.

VTS PRO Customized Programming

Traditional Half Day and Full Day Programs

Your group will be guided through a series of challenges by a VTS PRO facilitator. Each challenge will become increasingly more complex and serve as a medium to explore group dynamics, leadership styles, effective communication, planning, culture setting and conflict resolution.

Adventure Based Experiences (A.B.E.)

VTS’s A.B.E. engage and immerse teams in an outdoor adventure experience such as rock climbing or rappelling. We then use this experience as a catalyst to explore leadership development and group dynamics as teams work toward mastering unfamiliar skills. These are some of our most fun, effective and rewarding team building experiences.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

20140511_133858Teams spend a day at a cliff learning the intricacies of rock climbing and rappelling. In this demanding and unfamiliar environment, teams will have the opportunity to go beyond comfort zones, to experience facing fears and managing stress. With the assistance of a VTS PRO facilitator, teams learn strategies for setting goals, executing plans and utilizing available resources. Teams learn to trust and support one another. Teams examine what it means to “succeed” and “fail.”



Learning Outcomes

  • Confidence Building
  • Compassionate Leadership
  • Goal Setting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Utilizing Resources
  • Stress Management
  • Defining Success
  • Supporting Team Members
  • Culture Setting
  • Defining Team Member Roles

Orienteering / Wilderness Navigation

During the first half of the day, teams learn how to navigate using a topographic map and compass. Once teams have demonstrated proficiency with the basic navigation skills, they are sent on a wilderness scavenger hunt. Using their newly acquired skills, teams will travel to different waypoints on the map. At each station, teams will have to accomplish a task or answer a question before heading to their next destination. The tasks and questions require the group to work as a cohesive team in an unfamiliar and stressful environment to accomplish a common goal.

Learning Outcomes

  • Defining Leadership Roles & Expectations
  • Clear & Concise Communication Strategies
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Effectively Dealing with Inevitable Unexpected Variables
  • Supporting Team Members
  • Culture Setting
  • Defining Success

Professional Wilderness Expeditions

Taking groups into wild places, out of their comfort zones
and pushing them past 800x533xDSC05774.jpg.pagespeed.ic.e5to7G0TGrpreconceived limitations is at the core of all VTS programs. Our classrooms have always been the rocks, rivers, trails and mountain summits. To truly experience the full breadth and impact of the VTS Professional Development Program, we encourage you to embark on an expedition.

Professional expeditions are multi-day backpacking (2 day / 1 night or longer) expeditions that can also integrate other activities such as rock climbing and rappelling. Expedition teams live, work and navigate unfamiliar terrain together to achieve a common objective. Taken out of their comfort zones, teams learn how to master new skills so they not only survive, but also thrive, in challenging situations.


Step I - Interview & Assess

During this phase, you work with a VTS PRO facilitator to assess your group’s needs and VTS PRO goals. This will involve a phone/video conference or an in-person meeting with a VTS PRO facilitator. Group members may also be asked to complete a brief survey to aide us in designing the most effective program for your organization.

Step II – Design Custom Program

After gathering the necessary information, VTS will create a custom program addressing the goals and objectives specific to your organization’s needs. After consulting you, we will then finalize the itinerary and the location of the program and assist you in making any logistical arrangements, such as travel/transportation and room-and-board accommodations.

Step III – Implement & Execute

VTS PRO facilitators will implement the custom program with the goal of providing you with an engaging and unforgettable learning experience using the full breadth of their experience and expertise.

Step IV – De-Brief & Follow Up

VTS PRO is available to help you implement the lessons learned during your time with us back to the workplace. The transference of the lessons, or even just the transference of the infective good energy brought on by having fun and being on an adventure, is important to VTS and can positively transform the workplace dynamics.